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Software Engineering

Our team has vast experience in the field of software development, which helps us to make quick and balanced decisions in critical situations. Before starting the project, we define the main goals and what kind of specialists we want to see in our teams, what skills they should have, etc. Both soft and hard skills play a big role in team selection. We also pay attention to how much a person is ready for changes and to make non-trivial decisions. We believe that the coordinated work of a team brings much more results to business and helps its development and growth.

Our selected engineers constantly improve their skills. They have vast experience in various fields and projects, so they always know what the right solution for this or that specific project is.

Among our main services are:
  • Building dedicated IT teams
  • Part-time engagement of software engineers
  • Top-level IT consulting
  • QA-as-a-Service
  • CTO-as-a-Service
Top Talent Recruiting

We know that a successful project cannot exist without smart and talented people. Sometimes it's hard to find a great team in one place, which is why we offer our clients worldwide team recruitment services. Thanks to a global network of contractors around the world, we have access to the best personnel in different countries. We give our preference to Eastern Europe, where there are high-quality professionals who provide their services at affordable prices. However, our company also has experience hiring people from different regions of the world, from Japan to the USA, so if you have any specific requirements, we will do our best to meet them.

We also focus our resources on the onboarding stage. We try to make sure the staff is integrated into the team and ready to work. We also provide services to analyze workers' satisfaction because people are the key to success.

Among our main services are:
  • Talent sourcing in target locations
  • Conducting HR interviews
  • Recruitment support
  • Employer branding
  • Providing full-time dedicated recruiters
Top-level IT Consulting

We provide consulting services of the highest level. Our specialists must have a background in the IT industry and several years of experience in the field of management. We help companies with various issues: increase performance, analyze competitiveness, risk management, strategy building, etc. We help businesses with an independent expert evaluation of all requested processes in the company. Our team also values transparency in the working process so that you can be sure you will stay on top of things.

The IT industry is a fast-growing industry with a lot of deal breakers. Mistakes may occur, and systems may fail. However, our IT developers' top priority is the security of your system and database.

The list of our services is unlimited. Here are a few examples:
  • Engaging virtual CTOs and CIOs
  • Providing cybersecurity audit
  • Pen-testing consulting
  • Cloud solutions running cost optimization
  • On-premise to cloud migration planning
  • Top-level software architecture design
Digital Marketing Consulting

The industry of digital marketing evolves really fast. Our teams always try to stay on the one hand with trends or even be one step ahead. Digital Marketing helps our partners gain more understanding of their clients and build long-lasting relationships. Digital marketing consultants are the people that will be fully committed to increasing conversion rates, customer experience, and product/service sales. They bring total understanding to the processes.

We take various approaches and combine techniques to create new digital marketing strategies. Our expertise goes far and beyond every expectation. We know how to guide companies on different levels of development and growth.

We provide a wide range of Digital Marketing Consulting services:
  • Digital marketing strategy consulting
  • Finding dedicated SEO Specialists
  • Building remote Marketing Teams from scratch
  • Lead Generation-as-a-Service
  • Sourcing fractional CMOs and Directors of Marketing
Business Process Outsourcing

We cooperate with many companies and partners around the world and have extensive experience in hiring specialists from various fields. Our specialists work according to automated processes, which we always improve as soon as something relevant appears on the market.

Our main focus is our clients, and to maintain long partnerships with them, we constantly improve our services. We try to adapt and reinvent our services by using new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, automation, etc. We are not scared of big numbers, and with growth, we also focus on security and protection of the data. We know how it is important for our clients. Our team will help you to expand your international presence, improve the pace and efficiency of work, focus on the primary issues, and bring better results.

Among our main services are:
  • Back office support
  • Data entry and transcription
  • Data labeling and annotation
  • Dedicated customer support
  • HR services
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